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The American Guerrillas of MindanaoWe are in the process of deveoping a web site to provide a means to put out information on those veterans of the Phillipine campaign of World War II, and in particular those that fought on the island of Mindanao. This site will also be used as a platform news of AGOM events as well as an electronic archive of photos, documents and written histories of the experiences of those veterens.

If you have documents, photos, or any other anything perinent to this effort please send a copy to me at
or you can mail items to me at: Mark Chapman, 2490 Valley Road, Navarre, FL 32566. Documents will be returned to sender if requested.

Mark D. Chapman

February/March 2008 Newsletter

We begin this newsletter with news that the AGOM website is off to a great start - thanks to our webmaster Mark Chapman. Log on to (or simply and see for yourselves. Help us achieve our goal of centralizing and preserving historical records, documents, photos and personal histories of AGOM members and making that information accessible to their families and friends (as well as history buffs and scholars) on the website. Organize your historical information and send it to Mark Chapman at America1@AmericanGuerrillasofMindanao.or 2490 Valley Rd., Navarre FL 32566. Documents or photos will be returned if requested by the sender. Also note the suggested format at the end of this newsletter for providing us with information regarding descendants (or other family members) - make copies and send in as many as necessary

The other exciting news item is that David G. Evans, son of AGOMer James L “Doc” Evans, is now our Vice-President/Treasurer. David's legal experience and expertise will be invaluable in this project. David will also; be the steward of the AGOM treasury! Ben Farrens, outgoing Secretary/Treasurer, passed on to us the amount of $1540, which has been deposited into the newly established American Guerrillas of Mindanao bank account. With the addition of donations from Larry Schmidt and Ginger Holmes, the total is $1670; however, there are still outstanding payables for expenses relating to the last two newsletters as well as this current one (copying and postage costs are approximately $200 for each newsletter). For those of you with an E-mail address, PLEASE provide it so we can send future newsletters as E-mail attachments.

During the holiday season it was gratifying to receive greetings from AGOMers.
— Luke and Fran Campeau mentioned doing a lot of "doctoring" during the year but are planning to travel to the reunion in Louisville.
— Gerry and Kay Chapman did some traveling in 2007, the highlight being a two-week river cruise "Romance of the Rhine and Mosel" putting into ports in Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland. They plan to attend the reunion in Louisville.
— Ben and Juanita Farrens sent greetings from the whole family. Ben also included a picture from the last reunion, a cute joke (of course!) and the AGOM funds. Ben hopes to travel to Louisville for the reunion.
— Russell Smith also sent a nice note saying he appreciated the newsletter.
— Bob and Lucy Speilman and their daughter Marge sent Christmas and new year's greetings.
— Johnny Starkey reminisced about the events of early December 1942, still fresh in his memory after all these years. He is undergoing treatment for heart and lung problems, but stays busy and active with the help of his wife Peggy. They are PBS and NPR fans but also listen to a local radio station that gives away a turkey in a draw at Thanksgiving - and they have won he turkey four out of the last five years!
— Loyd and Bernadine Waters included a prayer and some words of wisdom with their greeting.
— Mrs. Clyde C. (Dee) Childress also sent greetings, mentioning how much she misses Clyde, who passed away last August (his obituary was in the October newsletter). Her new address is 2001 W Rudasill Rd. #9208, Tucson AZ 85704-7852, telephone 570-293-1421.
— Mary Lou Schoen related how her life changed after Jim's death in late 2002, followed by the death of her oldest daughter less than two years later. After going through a rough period she is now settled near her youngest daughter and grandchildren and is grateful for health, family and friends. Mary Lou keeps in touch by phone with Christine Mitsos and Loyd and Bernie Waters. Mary Lou's correct address is 190 E. Jeffrey Pine Ln., Coeur d'Alene ID 83815, telephone 208-664-2902, E-mail
— Ruth Stahl keeps busy with volunteer activities in Baltimore and is looking forward to the reunion in Louisville (especially the river cruiser.

Kent Holmes contributed the following report on the MacArthur Museum in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

During our October 2007 visit to Australia we spent several days in Brisbane. While we had not seen any tourist information on MacArthur's time in Australia, we were certain that some museum or archive must exist there to commemorate General MacArthur's World War II presence in this country down under. As most of you will recall, MacArthur, his wife, child, and members of his staff were evacuated from Corregidor by PT boat to Mindanao. From there they were transported by B-17 to northern Australia and thence by rail from Alice Springs to Melbourne in the state of Victoria. Since most U.S. military personnel and equipment destined for the Philippines in December 1941 had been diverted to Brisbane, MacArthur traveled by rail to that city to set up his headquarters. When possible, MacArthur preferred to travel by rail rather than aircraft.

On the first day of our visit to Brisbane, I asked our tour guide about any museum that might depict MacArthur's presence in Brisbane during the war years. He indicated that there was indeed such a museum near the general post office in the center of the city. The next day we set off early in search of the museum. Actually we had passed the building housing it the day before but had failed to see the small sign about the museum.