The American Guerrillas of Mindanao

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The American Guerrillas of MindanaoWe are in the process of deveoping a web site to provide a means to put out information on those veterans of the Phillipine campaign of World War II, and in particular those that fought on the island of Mindanao. This site will also be used as a platform news of AGOM events as well as an electronic archive of photos, documents and written histories of the experiences of those veterens.

If you have documents, photos, or any other anything perinent to this effort please send a copy to me at
or you can mail items to me at: Mark Chapman, 2490 Valley Road, Navarre, FL 32566. Documents will be returned to sender if requested.

Mark D. Chapman

October 2007 Newsletter

The AGOM reunion this year was unique not only because it was held in the Washington DC area but also because of the persons attending. This year, for the first time in several years, we were pleased to have Past President and long-time Treasurer Ben Farrens with us. Ben was accompanied by his son David and daughter Rebecca, who brought her son; three generations of the Farrens family represented. Another special new member of the AGOM Descendants Group in attendance was Doc Evansí daughter, Alison Evans Fragale, who had attended our South Carolina reunion in the early 70ís. Catherine Holmes, daughter of Ginger and Kent Holmes and granddaughter of Charles Hansen, attended the AGOM meeting and the banquet. Ruth Stahl and her daughter Debby (accompanied by husband Joe Erlanger) also attended. Ruthís son Robert, Jr., joined us for the ADBC Banquet. Other special guests included Mary Maynard and her husband Howard and Susan Fertig-Dykes, daughter of Claude Fertig, guerrilla leader on Panay. Familiar faces from the past included Gerry and Kay Chapman, Luke and Fran Campeau, Kent and Ginger Holmes, and Louis Jurika. We regret to report that Past President Bruce Elliot, who last attended the Cincinnati reunion, is in a convalescent home recovering from an operation on his leg. Bruce has always been a big help as a hospitality host.

The annual AGOM meeting was held on Sunday morning after the ADBC Descendants Breakfast that included the AGOM Descendants Group as well. Louis Jurika, President of the AGOM Descendants Group, announced that he would not serve beyond his initial term and turned over the presidency of the AGOM Descendants Group to Ginger Hansen Holmes, outgoing Vice President.

A letter from Erling Jonassen about abandoning AGOM as an organization was read. A motion was made and passed not to abandon AGOM.

A motion was made by Luke Campeau, seconded by Gerry Chapman, and passed, including the vote of Ben Farrens, outgoing AGOM Secretary/Treasurer, that the AGOM treasury of $1540 (figure provided by Ben Farrens) would be turned over to Ginger Holmes as President and Acting Treasurer of the AGOM Descendants Group as soon as possible..

We all thought that the ADBC convention in the Washington DC area was a very enjoyable event, despite the 40-60 mph Nor’easter for four days all the way from the Carolinas to Maine. Luckily, it let up enough for our trip to the WWll Memorial, which was magnificent.

Luke Campeauís two oldest daughters, Lyn and Sheila, with their creative ingenuity, made a centerpiece for the AGOM banquet table - a banana tree 18" high with seven gorillas hanging in the branches eating bananas, which was a masterpiece. (The number seven was to designate the seven Campeau children.)

Luke and Fran Campeau had the good fortune to be the guests of James Zobel, Archivist of the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, for two days following the ADBC convention. Jim had come up to attend the ADBC banquet. About ten years ago the City of Norfolk made a large investment in the center of town and named it the MacArthur Center. There is a huge new mall, the city is clean, green, prosperous and impressive. The MacArthur Memorialís four buildings are on the opposite side of the street from the mall and include a theater and the historic Memorial building with the General and his wife in the rotunda that was beautifully done. There are two floors of historical artifacts, which would take hours to properly see. There is also a gift shop. The archives building, which Jim Zobel manages, contains tons of historical data including AGOM material, all catalogued and organized for easy location. Much is in vaults so the materials are in excellent hands for preservation. Luke Campeau had the 15th Weather Squadron history, etc., sent there for preservation. If any AGOMERs have the type of information that should be preserved for history, contact Jim Zobel at the Douglas MacArthur Memorial, Archives and Library, MacArthur Square, Norfolk VA 23510, telephone (757) 441-2965, E-mail: